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Guest Blog – thanks to Becca Clayton of Tonic Wellbeing.

This continues our current theme of encouraging physical activity – in this case at work. Many of us spend a considerable percentage of our waking hours at our workplace so it provides an ideal venue for keeping us active – it just takes some imagination and adjustments. Read on!

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Wherever your workplace may be right now it is time to get moving more…

The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” is nothing new when talking about workplace wellbeing and despite the common knowledge that sitting can have many detrimental effects to our health, people still struggle to ditch their sedentary habits, and get moving! Are you one of them? Well, we’re here to help!!

Not only are inactivity and periods of prolonged sitting bad for our health but an increasing body of research suggests that a lack of movement in the workplace can have a significant and detrimental effect on productivity, creativity, and engagement.  In addition to this, and just as powerful, is that even a daily workout won’t counteract the risk caused by prolonged sitting. So, it more important than ever to squeeze in activity throughout your day.

For anyone who thinks it is not possible to stay active when their role is desk-based we have solutions.  We support our clients with an annual calendar of health and wellbeing events linked to national awareness days, to educate and remind how important the pillars of wellbeing are to how we feel and how we function.

We have a bank of resources available to subscribers and clients created by our team of personal trainers, therapists, pilates & yoga instructors, coaches & mental health experts. We are firmly of the belief that our bodies and minds are intrinsically linked, and the two cannot be separated. Here we share with you some simple strategies for increasing movement (so there is really no excuse)! It is time to ditch the desk, move more (& more often), reduce your risks and reap the wellbeing benefits!

Wear comfortable shoes. No, this is not exactly exercise, but the more comfortable your shoes, the more likely you will be to move in them. At the very least, keep a pair of trainers in your office. (Now we are at home more this- there is no excuse here)!

Stand and walk while you read and talk. How many times a day are you talking on a phone, or reading a report? Stand up while you read or talk. If you have the space, pace around your office. Every step counts!

Take the long way to the loo. Use the stairs to visit the bathroom even if you don’t have to! If the only bathroom is close by, take one lap around the house (or garden) before going back to your desk!

Stretch every hour. Stand up at least once every hour. See our poster for some easy-peasy ideas. If standing is not an option, do seated stretching and focus on your core too.

Take 10 at lunch. It is important, no matter how busy you are, to take breaks. Whilst you might think you don’t have time for a break you are actually more likely to get more work done if you take short, regular, breaks throughout the day. We say devote at least 10 minutes of your lunch break to activity. Climb the stairs, walk around the garden – preferably get outdoors if you can.

Schedule walking meetings. Soon to be gone are the days of sitting around a boardroom table or in a zoom meeting for hours. We say group walking is a popular way to hold professional meetings while also being active. Once we are back in the office, encourage teams to walk together as you discuss issues and brainstorm solutions too!

Workout to a Webinar. If you find yourself sitting in on a webinar or call that needs your ears, but not your active participation, get moving. Keep exercise bands and a mat in your office. Stand up and perform a few light exercises as you listen to the conversation.

Events we have recently organised for our homeworking clients and their employees include:

  • Wellbeing Engagement Afternoons
  • 30-minute Activity breakouts (mindful meditation and mindful movement being the most popular)!
  • 1-2-1 Health Checks
  • 60-minute Wellbeing Lunch and Learns

There is so much scope and so many benefits! Give it a go – you have everything to gain!

Becca Clayton

22nd Feb 2021



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