Our superheroes raising funds for Cardiac Rehab

Adrian Cobb running 1,500 consecutive days

Sponsor Adrian who is running for 1,500 days

We are fortunate to have supporters who want to raise funds for our charity

through fitness challenges and other activities.

Meet our very own superheroes here who are raising funds for Cardiac Rehab.

Remember that Cardiac Rehab is not part of the NHS and we must raise two thirds of our costs.

Support our superheroes today!

Adrian Cobb is running for Rehab

Running for Rehab over 1,500 consecutive days

Adrian is running every day for 1500 days to support Cardiac Rehab.


Sponsor Adrian

Cycling the length of the Loire

Rosie Lewis is cycling 650 miles along the length of the Loire with her friend in aid of Cardiac Rehab

Sponsor Rosie

Personal Challenge

Why not create your personal challenge fundraising page here and ask friends and family to sponsor you?


Create your own fundraising page

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