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This week’s offering is a departure – a guest blog. It has been submitted by Melina at lotuskitty, a website dedicated to Yoga. Find it at

It is my hope that as many people as possible should become as physically active as they can. I very seldom recommend a particular form of exercise because all forms are good and the most important feature of activity is that you enjoy doing it – or it is unlikely that you will continue.

I know little about yoga so have found the lotuskitty website both informative and enlightening. It is stuffed full with such diverse aspects as guides to yoga activities, clothing, equipment, good posture, cross training, etc. Click on the link ad have a shufty – it may just be your bag.

But first, read this plug.

Yoga And Fitness Training: A Perfect Pair

As practiced by millions of people even during the early years, it has been one of the best practices in increasing your overall health, especially on the physical and mental aspects.  At times, even fitness buffs want something extra in their workout routine, may it be more cardio or just a mix of everything.  Yoga and fitness training may sound like an odd pair, but don’t be misled.  The two actually go perfectly together.  Yoga pairs well with any type of workout, and even fitness pros have been sharing the benefits of incorporating yoga and fitness training.   Read on to know more.

Benefits of Yoga and Fitness Training

  1. Strength and Flexibility

Yoga may be great in building your natural strength, but strength training is one way if you are looking to put on some muscles. It can also improve your yoga poses. Likewise, if you gain weight easily and are looking for ways to trim down, Yoga is an excellent way of toning your muscles while developing your flexibility. Thus, yoga and fitness training is a perfect combination to develop strength and flexibility.

  1. Endurance

If you fancy doing lifts at the gym, and you tend to lift weights explosively and abruptly, you activate the fast-twist muscle fibers in your body. This method will help you develop speed and power, as well. While in yoga, you are activating your slow-twitch muscle fibers by doing slow movements and holding Yoga poses for some time, which helps build your endurance. It is important to maintain a good balance between these muscle fibers by doing a hybrid training routine like yoga and fitness training.

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  1. Better Muscles

One of the best things about fitness training is that it helps build more good muscles, especially for skinny people. It also enables a metabolism boost, which is perfect for your weight loss program, increases bone density, and maintains joint flexibility. Like fitness training, Yoga also helps produce better muscles by giving them a good stretch after some vigorous and heavy lifting.

  1. Exercise of the Mind, Body, and Soul

Though sports and other physical activities may sound fun, nothing can match the peacefulness and calmness a Yoga routine can give. Yogis, both beginners, and pros can attest that yoga isn’t just any other exercise but a way to nourish the mind and focus on finding your inner peace. Like fitness training, it helps you develop a healthy mindset and increase your self-confidence.

  1. Relaxation and Controlled Aggression 

Good fitness training lets you do progressive loading so that you’ll get psyched up every workout. You are lifting heavier weights every time. Thus, it helps you develop controlled aggression. While in yoga, you get to do and perform challenging poses, making you focus and meditate, which makes you feel relaxed after every practice. Yoga also makes you sweat a lot, which helps get rid of unwanted stress.  Yoga and fitness training is a good combo to help you develop good concentration in your daily tasks.


Yoga and fitness training does not only go together but they also perfectly complement each other.  Both don’t just burn calories and tone your muscles, but they also stimulate a positive and healthy mindset.  Thus, yoga and fitness training are a perfect pair in achieving your goal of having a better and healthy mind, body, and soul.




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