Home Exercise Programme

Continue exercising at home if the Centre is closed.

If the Cardiac Rehab Centre is closed, these videos will help you to continue exercising at home and may be used in conjunction with your Home Exercise Booklet.

They are designed for use by current Cardiac Rehab Exercisers who have completed an assessment, induction and previous classes/sessions at the Rehab Centre.

The films and booklet have been produced and funded in a collaboration between the Cardiac Rehab and Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust rehabilitation teams based at the Cardiac Rehab Centre.  Thank you to Edd at We Make Pictures for his expertise in making these films: www.wemakepictures.co.uk

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Download a Home Exercise Booklet

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How to exercise at home

How to Exercise

Firstly, please download the Home Exercise Booklet and read through before commencing any exercise. You should be familiar with the routines. You can then view or download the video of the level you are used to exercising at.

Exercise Videos

Please choose the video for the session you are used to. To watch a video online, please enter the password we have sent you and click watch video in the relevant section below. To download the video to your computer, click on the hyperlink under the relevant video and download from Vimeo.


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watch video


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Important Safety Information

If you experience any chest pain or tightness, excessive breathlessness, light-headedness or feel generally unwell do NOT continue to follow these exercises. Please follow the Chest Pain Protocol Pathway -see page 6 of the Home Exercise Booklet linked below – or contact your GP/111 preferably online for advice.

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