Friday, 27th May 2016

A Place to be Proud of Awards 2016

On the evening of Thursday 26th May 2016, Denise Ellis Centre Manager & Dr Sally Turner Health Programme Manager, represented Cardiac Rehab at the “Places to be Proud of” Awards that took place at the Haymarket Theatre in Basingstoke. This is the 13th year of the awards that recognise the contributions made by individuals, groups, organisations, places and initiatives that make a diverse, vibrant community and a great place to live and do business. Individual categories are sponsored by locally-based businesses.

Cardiac Rehab was nominated for the Health & Care Award and from a list of 12, short listed to 3, Cardiac Rehab was chosen by the judges as the recipient of this year’s ward.

“This is a tremendous recognition of all the good work that everyone associated with the Charity does”. Martin Lovell General Manager of Cardiac Rehab said “I am very proud to say I work at Cardiac Rehab and very proud that the work that everyone associated with the Charity does, from the volunteers, supporters, staff, specialist instructors and Trustees, has been recognised in this very public way”.

Heart disease remains one of the biggest killers in the UK with 1 in 4 affected and on average 200 people a day dying from the disease. Cardiac Rehab is dedicated to improving heart health, fitness and the well-being of those affected by and those who are at risk of heart disease. With its programme (Staywell) specifically for those at risk of heart disease, Cardiac Rehab is working to prevent the impact that the disease can have on the individual and their families. The Charities “Have a Heart” Campaign running this year is focussed on raising the awareness of Heart Disease and what Cardiac Rehab is doing to combat it, but most importantly, its about getting more of those individuals who will benefit from the services it offers onto its programmes. The campaign is also about increasing the funds that it raises, to allow it to do its good work and increase the public benefit it delivers.

Cardiac Rehab is aiming to raise £200,000 this year to allow it to expand what it does, and it can only do this through the generous support of the public, as it receives no funding from the NHS, local or National government.

It is great to be celebrating Cardiac Rehab a local success story that has and continues to help so many people within North, Mid, East Hampshire and surrounding areas.

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