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Supporting Cardiac Rehab with a gift in your Will

Have a heart to help a heart

A gift in your Will

Cardiac Rehab extends and improves the quality of life for hundreds of heart patients each year – you or your loved ones may have been one of them.

By leaving us a gift in your Will, once your loved ones are taken care of, you will provide a lasting legacy, ensuring the next generation of heart patients receive our vital services.  We are so grateful for all gifts, regardless of value, which will be put to good use improving heart health of local people.

Legacies to Cardiac Rehab come in all shapes and sizes and you do not need to have lots of money to help make a difference.

The difference a gift could make

Your gift would help us develop and extend our service, reaching even more people with heart health problems.  It would help ensure we have adequate staff, equipment and facilities to provide the education, exercise and support for our exercisers to take control of their futures.

Many pieces of equipment and the services we provide have been funded as a result of our generous supporters, who wanted to leave a lasting legacy.

Leaving a gift

When leaving a legacy there are three types of gift you might consider:

  • A pecuniary gift – This is a fixed amount of money that you leave in your Will.  This can be affected by inflation over time.
  • A residuary gift – This comprises a share of your estate when all other commitments have been settled.  As it is a percentage of your estate, it will keep its value over time.
  • A specific gift – This when you leave a particular item of value such as a property, shares or personal possession.

Inheritance Tax

It is worth remembering that a gift to Cardiac Rehab can also be highly tax effective. Gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax and leaving a legacy to Cardiac Rehab could therefore help relieve some of the tax burden from the remainder of your estate.  Your solicitor will be able to advise you further.

Next steps

Leaving a gift in your Will is an important decision and we understand that you will wish to consider it in your own time.  We recommend using a solicitor whenever you are writing or updating your Will. 

If you would like to discuss any queries you may have, please contact us or call 01420 544 794.

Will writing offer with Bookers and Bolton

Bookers and Bolton logo

We are very pleased to be working with Alton based Bookers & Bolton to offer a discounted Will and Lasting Power of Attorney service. 

Nobody likes to think about writing their Will but being prepared is the only way to ensure your wishes are ultimately followed. Depending on your circumstances, a Will can save on inheritance tax and might also head off family disputes about how your possessions should be divided.

We have teamed up with Bookers and Bolton in Alton to offer you a a 20% discount off the cost of writing your Will or 10% off the costs of setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney, and getting your affairs in order.

Simply mention Cardiac Rehab when you book your appointment.

There is no obligation, but a gift to Cardiac Rehab in your Will would leave a lasting legacy and help us assist the next generation of hearty exercisers.

Bookers & Bolton
6 High Street, Alton Hampshire, GU34 1BT
01420 82881

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