Monday, 18th January 2021

About Paula’s Classes

We are offering a range on online classes for our Exercisers.  Here is a brief introduction to some of them…

Our online Heartbeat and Exercise the to Beat classes are run by Paula. These cardio-based classes are to all different types of upbeat music and will definitely get you moving.  Heartbeat is set routines to music, whereas Exercise to the Beat offers a bit more of a challenge and is a strength & toning based cardio class.  

“I was very pleased that Exercise to the Beat was added to the Cardiac Rehab Zoom sessions.  It’s more intense than the Heartbeat dance classes, which I also love, as Paula concentrates on strengthening and core exercises, and has a different theme each week. The class is 45 minutes long but this is enough as by the end I feel I have a had a good workout.”


She also runs our Special Programme session for exercisers with specific needs and a more gentle form of exercise. 

Paula is one of our BACPR qualified instructors and has tailored the classes to be fun and safe for all.

But don’t just take our word for it!

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Heartbeat class.  Fab variety of music and steps, with options for being more or less energetic, led by the lovely Paula.  Afterwards I feel invigorated and uplifted, and know I’ve done my body some good!”


” I really look forward to the Zoom Heartbeat classes on Mondays and Fridays that are both sociable and fun. Paula is an excellent motivator and leader and I always feel more energised and relaxed by the end of the sessions.” 


“Paula is very motivational, encouraging and supportive in our Special Programme session.  The session is a very positive help for our better physical and mental health.  It is very heart-warming to be part of the group and ‘see’ familiar faces every week” 


“It’s a great aerobic workout set to music, it makes me feel fitter and happier, and it’s great seeing other people too, when we are unable to go to the centre. Paula is very encouraging and explains it well, so you can work at a level to suit you.”


“Paula keeps us going with encouragement and enthusiasm, suggesting we take it our own pace if sometimes it becomes a bit exhausting, making it a suitable class for mixed abilities. Without it l feel my muscles would seize up completely!”  


“I might be the only guy in the class right now, but Paula’s “Exercise to the Beat” at 5 o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon really is for EVERYONE and, if you haven’t tried it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing!  I think it’s a fantastic 45 minutes of great exercise with terrific music that gets you moving and cannot fail to leave you in a wonderful mood, with a spring in your step, a broad smile and a healthier heart!  It’s not a total picnic (well, it can be, if you just want to take the easy options), but Paula plans a fresh class each week, always well signalled and signed, that zips by at a perfect mid-week time and makes every bit of the body get a good stretch and work-out to suit every individual. And you’re always made to feel extremely welcome and never excluded.  It’s a star class of 45 minutes of thoroughly enjoyable exercise.  COME AND JOIN IN!”


I really enjoy the exercise classes, Paula really pushes us which I wouldn’t do on my own. I am classed as very vulnerable and can’t go out to much so these two exercises a week help to keep me fit. Thank you


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