Friday, 29th January 2021

About Sandra’s Classes

We are offering a range on online classes for our Exercisers.  Here is a brief introduction to some of them…

Sandra takes one of our Advanced sessions for Exercisers who have a good level of fitness and want to push themselves.  The cardio based session works the major muscle groups and increases the heart rate.

She also takes the Thursday Strength session which help to tone and improve muscular strength. This class works the major muscles of the body and focuses on technique, body position, ensuring correct speed of movement and breathing. 

Benefits of strength training include increased toning and muscular strength which helps to promote fat loss, bone health and develop better body mechanics.

“Excellent strength session.  Very clear and precise, thank you.  I had no idea how my strength had deteriorated.”


But don’t just take our word for it!

“Hi Sandra.Enjoyed your class this morning – sets the day up well!”


“Thanks for today’s zoomercise!  It is very enjoyable and entertaining.  See you at the next session”


“Thanks for this morning’s work-out – great fun!” 


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