Monday, 4th March 2024

Adrian is running for Rehab

Adrian Cobb, a member of Alresford Golf Club, near Winchester, started running in 2019 to keep fit, continuing through lockdown and notching up 100Km per month.

A week soon became 50 days of running, and 100 consecutive days, with Adrian running up to 300km per month, for a calendar year.

And then a hobby became a personal challenge for Adrian who continues to run each day, notching up 250km per month, with 1,500 days in sight. Mr Cobb said: “I have been waiting for the right opportunity to raise money for a worthwhile cause, and I feel the time is right, with the Captain’s charity at Alresford Golf Club for 2024 being Cardiac Rehab, at Alton. I believe you can make a difference. (I had a close friend die of a heart attack some years ago). Please consider a gift because this charity has no NHS funding and is dedicated to improving the heart health, fitness, and wellbeing of individuals with, or at risk of, developing heart disease. Services offered range from cardiac rehab to retaining/improving fitness, prevention of heart disease and cancer rehabilitation. In addition, for elderly people, the charity helps people to avoid falls.

“Your gift will get to work in the right way to add years to life and more importantly to add life to years- to lengthen the all-important health span.”

You can sponsor Adrian by following this link

Do you belong to a local club or organisation that might like to support us?  Or do you know somebody who might be willing to take part in a sponsored challenge to raise funds for Cardiac Rehab?  Please email, or pop down to the charity office in Alton for a chat with Denise.

Adrian Cobb running 1,500 consecutive days

Find out more about the Cardiac Rehab centre

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