Thursday, 19th December 2019

Christmas Reflections – Past, Present and Future

Christmas and the New year are often times for reflection on what has happened and a time to look to the future. We thought we would take a look at this through the eyes of some of our team and also some of our exercisers on what Christmas means to them

Tina – a Staywell Exerciser

Staywell Exerciser

“Christmas for me had always been a time to laze about on the sofa, eat lots of naughty things and very rarely do any form of exercise at all!But this year, whilst I will still have some lazy time & eat some naughty treats, I will also be ensuring that I go out for some nice walks.Whilst the Cardiac Rehab gym is closed over Christmas, it is opening for a Saturday session after Christmas and I didn’t hesitate to sign up for a gym workout – now that would never have entered my mind before I started Staywell!!

As for moving forward, my plan is to continue at the gym long term, which will hopefully change my lifestyle & change my approach for future Christmases”.

Sarah – Chief Executive

Sarah Quarterman
Chief Executive of Cardiac Rehab

“It will be a relief for all of us at Cardic Rehab once the building works at the Butts Bridge and the new Sports Centre are over and we begin to have a sense of normality returning – preferably with a stable internet service (there have been issues!).

My ambition is to see the whole of the Centre building in use every day, through creative use of the space we have, to add new classes and see the numbers of people we help each year to over grow to more than 1000.”

Dr Bethell – marathon runner

Dr Hugh Bethell
Trustee and Founder of Cardiac Rehab

“My ambition for the coming year would be to see the Cardiac Rehab Centre becoming even more of a club for its exercisers, beyond what is done in the gym.We have a social club, cycle club and golf society and would love to have a regular walking group too. Exercisers attending regularly within classes already build a social bond, often arriving 20 – 30 mins early for a natter – and long may that continue.”

Staywell Exerciser Faith’s Christmas poem

Staywell Exerciser

“Last Christmas- I had a bad heart, I wish I could say that it all went away

But it didn’t improve, so I made a good move, I joined the Rehab, and it’s just been so fab

Fitness levels are raised, the staff should be praised, I am feeling so good, never thought that I would

This Christmas- I’ll really enjoy, the time that I spend, from beginning to end,

Next Christmas- Rehab will be, a big help for me, STAYWELL and a happy, healthy Christmas to all.”

Dr Hayward – Chair of Trustees

Dr Mike Hayward
Chair of Trustees for Cardiac Rehab

“My Christmas wishes for Cardiac Rehab would include, expanding our Staywell scheme, making the classes busier, fuller: still concentrating on fitness but also remaining fun for all.

I would love for the Centre to have an even more vibrant and busy feel about it at all times of the day when we are open. I think our staff ethos is great and I would want to build upon that feeling of all working together for a shared vision but really importantly feeling totally supported in those aims.”

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