Thursday, 4th November 2021

Prof. Jim Al-Khalili ‘blows minds’ in aid of Cardiac Rehab

The silence was palpable as renowned physicist and broadcaster Professor Jim Al-Khalili, giving the Cardiac Rehab Annual Lecture at the Alton Maltings, explained the interconnectedness of the grand theories of physics and how there may well be a theory of everything, but that we are not quite there yet.

In a whirlwind tour, he condensed the story of the development of physics in 20th century into 45 minutes, leaving the audience rapt but amazed. He explained how the rise of quantum physics and cosmology have challenged our understanding of the universe, our place in the ‘multiverse’ (if such a thing exists), and how the different branches of physics are linked together. He also described his team’s work at the University of Surrey investigating ‘quantum biology’ which is one of the new ways our understanding of the world is continuing to develop by bringing together molecular physics and molecular biology. All of this was delivered in manner familiar with listeners to his BBC Radio 4 programme The Life Scientific, which blew our minds but made the incomprehensible a bit more understandable, albeit only for a short while.

The talk was followed by a short question and answer session before a vote of thanks was given by consultant cardiologist Dr Andrew Bishop, who thanked Professor Al-Khalili for his excellent talk. Dr Bishop reflected on the fact that distilling complex ideas to their simplest form is the most effective way of achieving your aim, be that an equation, like the theory of relativity that explains the universe, or undertaking physical exercise to prevent heart disease in later life, like the work at Cardiac Rehab.

We would like to thank Professor Al-Khalili for a very entertaining and illuminating evening, and for supporting Cardiac Rehab in this way.  The evening couldn’t have happened without our sponsors – NFU Mutual Alton – or our amazing volunteers who kept the wine flowing and the canapes coming at the reception. Thank you to them and to all the guests who attended. 

The money raised from the evening will enable us to secure our future so we can continue our work helping those who have had a heart attack recover well and preventing heart disease in our community.

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