Wednesday, 29th April 2020

Team Cardiac Rehab – The 2.6 Challenge

Team Cardiac Rehab (made up of Cardiac Rehab Staff and Exercise Instructors) have completed the 26 Miler Challenge.

Their original target was to travel 338 miles, either walking, running or cycling, from the Cardiac Rehab Centre to just outside of Edinburgh – each person covering a minimum of 1 mile for 26 consecutive days. 

The completed the original target in just a few days so in the end they took a virtual tour of the UK covering over 1800 miles between them.

You can read their full journey in the posts below.

Thank you to everyone who supported their challenge, which has raised over £5,500 to support Cardiac Rehab through the coronavirus lockdown.

The Last Leg

After a monumental 1805 miles around the UK over the past 26 days, the team have made it back home to the Cardiac Rehab Centre.

The last leg took them along the south coast and into Somerset – they even called in to Frome so that Tracey could wave to her son as she cycled past!

Huge congratulations and thank you to the team – see below – for their stupendous efforts…plus a great big thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us raise just under £6K for Cardiac Rehab!

Days 19 – 23

A whopping 392 miles have been covered over the past 5 days, and the team have now arrived in sunny Torquay!  

Following an overnight stop, and maybe a donkey ride and ice cream, the ladies are on the home strait….They have 4 days remaining to make it back home to the Cardiac Rehab Centre.

No birthdays this week… but that didn’t stop Julie from celebrating the fact that she finally has a boot for her fractured foot – which may, or may not, make completing the daily challenge easier!

Days 16 – 18

The team are halfway back down the west coast heading towards home with 10 days of the challenge still to go.

They have reached the market town of Kendal, famous for its Mint Cake, in the beautiful Lake District.

The staff team have very much embraced the 2.6 Challenge with some now walking AND cycling every day…. and Receptionist, Davina, is now pedaling twice the distance she was when the challenge started!

Today’s pics are of a few of the animals the team have photographed whilst on their daily travels…

The money raised has now reached £5,698.65. 


Days 11 – 15

Our fabulous team are still exceeding all expectations.  Despite the VE Day Weekend Celebrations they have now travelled 1089 miles and whilst still in the highlands of Scotland are now heading towards Loch Lomond, the largest loch in Scotland.

As you can see the running, walking and cycling didn’t stop the team joining in with the VE Day festivities, and enjoying the commemorative decorations on their travels.

This weekend’s Birthday Girl was our lovely receptionist Sarah, who spent her day eating cake for breakfast, walking 4.5 miles along the gorgeous River Itchen, and then eating more cake! 

It turns out that Julie, our very brave exercise instructor, has been struggling along on her crutches with a foot fracture. She was initially told it was a bad sprain. Such a trooper!

The amount raised to date is £5,628.65 including Gift Aid.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us!

Days 8, 9, & 10

The Rehab Road Trippers have made it to John O’Groats on the north eastern tip of Great Britain!  Did you know that John O’Groats is named after a Dutchman, Jan de Groot, who in 1946 ran a ferry between the harbour and Orkney.

The ladies have travelled 740 miles in 10 days.  Wouldn’t it be great if they could make it back down the east coast to Lands End in Cornwall!

A special mention to Birthday Girl Heather, who worked off her birthday cake by adding more miles to the team’s fabulous total.

A big thank to everyone who has supported us.  The sponsorship is still coming in and the total raised so far is £5,533.65 including Gift Aid.

Days 5, 6 & 7

Congratulations to the team who at the end of week 1 have smashed their target of reaching Edinburgh in 26 days.  They have, in fact, reached Edinburgh on Day 6, with 46 miles to spare!

However, the Rehab Road Trip will continue and will see the team heading off around the coast.  A big sigh of relief from Davina who has been complaining that it was all uphill to Edinburgh – on her exercise bike ?

This week’s star members are Sandra who cycled 41.5 miles in 2.5 hours at the weekend, and of course Julie who is unfortunately still hobbling along on her crutches!

Thank you again for all your support.  At the end of Week 1 we have raised £5,471.15 including Gift Aid.

Days 3 & 4

Despite a change in the weather the team are still going great guns.  They have been dodging the April showers to reach Stockton on Tees…. and Julie is still struggling along on her crutches.

As you will see below the team have walked, run or cycled 123 miles over the past 2 days.  

We are all thrilled to have received so much support.  Thank you very much for sponsoring us.  We are absolutely delighted that we have now passed the 5K mark!

Our current total is £5,016.15, including gift aid, and we are all staying motivated to keep on going…

Days 1 & 2

Congratulations to the team who are off to a flying start!Between them they have travelled 58 miles on Day 1 and 85 miles on Day 2!  That’s taken them (sort of) to Lincoln on their travels.

We are not sure if it’s the glorious weather that has put a spring in their step, or, the very generous sponsorship from our supporters that has motivated the team!

Thank you so much, the total raised stands at £4,721.15 including gift aid!

A special mention to Julie who despite having a badly sprained ankle has managed to get out walking on her crutches!

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