Friday, 30th June 2023

The Grand Summer Draw Results

The Grand Summer Draw has been drawn, by the Cardiac Rehab team. Thank you to all of you who took part and helped support the work we do at the centre. Here are the lucky winning tickets and prizes, so check those numbers:

1st prize of £1000 – 22853

2nd The Anvil voucher – 21184

3rd prize of £100 – 24439

4th Afternoon Tea – 07637

5th Half Case of Mixed Wine – 08763

6th Marmalade Gin – 09021

7th Ground coffee and Biscuit Selection – 15010

8th Malt Whiskey – 29104

9th Place Mats – 17661

10th Umbrella Set – 17215

11th Potpourri Set -21918

12th Smellies Set- 01432

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