Thursday, 4th June 2020

Keep Moving Treasure Hunt

Keeping active is important for our physical and mental well being, and sometimes it can be as simple as going for a walk.

For the next 3 weeks we will be setting our own Keep Moving Treasure Hunt, to give you something to look for when you are out on your walk, run or cycle – sorry no gold at the end of this challenge!!  There is nothing too taxing to find – just keep your eyes open and maybe walk that extra half a mile to find what you are looking for!

It’s just for fun but we would love to see your pictures and hear how you are getting on.

Share them with us on Facebook or email us at and we will share them for you!  

Have fun!

Week 1 – starting Monday 8th June

  1. Something shiny
  2. A sign which includes the word “nuts”
  3. A foxglove
  4. A bench for sitting on
  5. A yellow flower

Week 2 – starting Monday 15th June

  1. A snail 
  2. A sign which includes the word “path” 
  3. A bus stop 
  4. A lovely view 
  5. A black bird  

Week 2 – starting Monday 22nd June

  1. A fruit or vegetable growing 
  2. A sign which includes the words “Alton” or “Basingstoke” 
  3. A red flower 
  4. Something round 
  5. Something furry    

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