Monday, 20th April 2020

What have the CR team been up to?

We can hardly believe that it is a month since we closed the doors of the Cardiac Rehab Centre and “social distancing” became the new norm. With the weather being so favourable, most of us have been able to take full advantage and take daily walks in the verdant Hampshire countryside, alongside a Rehab Workout of course, to make the most of the Exercise Mix.

To help motivate and inspire, we wanted to share some of the things that we as a team have been up to, to stay healthy and active.

On the exercise front, many of the team have been undertaking some form of online exercise class: Sally, Heather and Sarah have been using Pilates to keep flexible and fit, whilst Jan has found the time to do some yoga at last – a long awaited goal – as well as setting up a mini gym in the garden. Charlotte has been spending time with her children in the garden with badminton a real favourite!
Sandra has been out on her bike and well as plenty of dog walks and Denise has followed her Nia Dance classes online, alongside plenty of country walks. Julie has been running early and working out with her son with some HIIT/Tabata sessions – worth a Google to see how tough these are! Claire has been busy chasing after the new lambs and following Joe Wicks’ sessions with her children.
Tracey, Annabel, Davina and Kathy have been a bit more practical and, alongside walks and workouts, have sanded and painted the decking, made a patchwork quilt, crocheted a blanket and painted the garden furniture respectively – lovely to have something to show for staying at home! Both Sarah’s have managed to get flour and get baking – followed by some exercise to work off the extra calories. And John is keeping the grey-matter active with daily Scrabble.
Everyone has been out walking, which is great for mind and body, and long may this continue. We have also been gardening lots and with spring fully underway, things are looking fabulous!
We hope you are all keeping well and love to hear how you are getting on, thanks you, so please do carry on sharing!
Here’s a little montage of life for the Cardiac Rehab team…

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