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Cycling for your heart

Welcome to the Hearty Riders


Hearty Riders cycling group was formed in 2016 for those, having had a heart problem, to help regain their fitness or for others who wished to stay relatively fit as part of the Staywell Programme.  Since then it has grown to be a group of between 10 – 15 riders.


We meet outside the Cardiac Rehab Centre on Friday mornings in time to ride away at 10 am.  On the 3rd Friday of each month we join Cycling UK who have a similar ride in length and pace and it meets at Alton Community Centre also at 10am.

About the Ride

The total length of the rides is around 15 – 20 miles and at a pace that no one gets left behind.  Mainly using country roads but sometimes we may need to use a more main road. It’s also a social ride and so we stop off at a café or garden Centre for coffee (and cake!) at roughly the mid-way point.  We try to return to Alton by 1 – 1.30pm.

If you live out of town, you’re welcome to drive to the Centre to park and then you can unload your bike.  Please note that riders participate at their own risk.

What do you need?

All you need to join us is a serviceable bike, a cycling helmet and appropriate clothing.  We cycle in most weathers.

Find out more

For further details, please contact Janet, Hearty Riders Co-ordinator

Cycling Insurance

If you are going to ride on a regular basis it may be worth considering third party insurance cover, as Cardiac Rehab is not responsible for people on these rides.  Here are a couple of options but you may wish to research for alternatives:

Cycling UK – includes third party insurance and legal support.

British Cycling – also offers liability insurance and legal support.

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