Exercise for living

The Cardiac Rehab Centre offers a range of different ways to exercise to provide heart health, fitness, balance, support you through cancer and enhance your wellbeing.

Which health programme is right for you?

Cardiac Rehabilitation

It is really important to keep on exercising long-term to retain your fitness once you have completed your NHS cardiac rehabilitation classes.

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Increasing the amount of physical activity you do can make enormous improvements to your health and wellbeing – and that includes your heart health.

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Cancer Pre-hab and Rehab

When you are living with cancer, becoming more active can be a positive change to make in your life. Cancer and its treatment can make things feel very uncertain. Doing something for yourself like becoming more active can help you feel more in control.

Physical activity is important for cancer patients at all stages of the cancer care pathways.

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Long Covid Rehabilitation

Our Long-COVID Reconditioning Programme helps you to regain your fitness levels in a safe and supervised environment, to get you back to feeling like you again.

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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

It is really important to keep on exercising long-term to retain your fitness once you have completed your NHS pulmonary rehabilitation classes.  We understand the complications that arise from chronic lung disease and can help you maximise the improvements in capacity you can achieve.

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Steady & Strong

Aimed at the over 65s, Steady & Strong classes are designed to help you regain and maintain strength, balance and coordination.

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How it works

Step 1 Referral

You may be referred to us from the NHS, your GP or you can also refer yourself.

Whichever way you come to us, we will work with you to ensure you are on the best programme for your needs.

Step 2 Assessment

One of our specialist team will assess your needs.

Our Health Programme Team will talk through your medical history and measure your fitness before recommending the right level of programme for your needs.

If you have cardiac risk or heart issues, you will start on either our Heart Rehabilitation or Staywell Prevention Programmes.

If you have particular heart problems and need Rehabilitation, the assessment will be with our clinical lead who will conduct additional tests to ensure you exercise at the right level.

If you are about to undergo treatment for Cancer or are part-way through or have finished treatment, our Cancer Programme will be for you.

If you want to improve your balance and strength, our Steady & Strong classes might be the best option.

Step 3 Induction

Time to get exercising!

At your induction we will explain the options for exercise at the Centre, including how the equipment works in our purpose-built gym, how you should be using it and how hard you need to be working to make a difference for you.

We will also discuss whether you prefer to exercise as part of a class or independently and tell you when the sessions are available.

Step 4 Programme Design

Your programme your way.

We use the measurements and information we take at your Assessment as the starting point for this initial journey and compare how far you have come after 20 sessions (ideally over 10 weeks). You can choose to exercise:

  • Independently following your Induction plan.
  • As part of an exercise class in the gym with our specialists guiding you through a warmup and cool down, and leading a circuit-based session, where you move around the different pieces of kit.
  • In a specialist class such as Steady & Strong


Or try one of our other styles of class:

Heartbeat, Tai Chi, Online, Outdoor

Step 5 Graduation

After 20 sessions, we will reassess you to see how far you have come and then share the news with you, together with your graduation medal!  But the journey’s not over yet…

Exercise for living.

We hope by now that you have seen the difference that regular exercise makes to your health, fitness and wellbeing. You can continue with us for as long as you like and can book additional assessments, to keep monitoring your progress as you go.

Different ways to exercise

How you exercise with us is up to you!

You may exercise in our gym either independently or as part of a class.  Alternatively, you can join one of our alternative classes either in person or online from the comfort of home.

We also have a home exercise booklet and videos if you are unable to get to the Centre.

Whichever sessions you choose, we recommend attending twice a week to maximise the benefit to your health.

Why not try our additional classes


Heartbeat is a group dance – based class to music.  With lots of upbeat rhythms and fun moves, it is a great way to get your heart pumping! All fully supervised and on our sprung gym floor.

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movements.  Originally developed as a martial art in 13th-century China, Tai Chi is now practised around the world as a health-promoting exercise.  Our class is adapted Tai Chi to help with mobility and balance, and to aid overall wellbeing.

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Our Outdoor class takes place next door to the Centre on the purpose-build outdoor gym space.  Enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors whilst enjoying some cardiovascular circuit fitness.

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Our online classes allow you to keep on exercising from the comfort of home if you find it difficult to access the Centre.  We use Zoom software which is easy to access and provide you with a special link once you have booked on to the class.

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About the gym

The Cardiac Rehab Centre exists to provide a fitness space for people with heart health issues, just like you.  We make it easy and safe for you to start and then carry on exercising.

The air-conditioned gymnasium is open for over 50 hours of exercise weekly including Saturday mornings and evenings Monday-Thursday.

All our exercise specialists hold the national qualification from the BACPR (British Association for Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation) for prescribing exercise to cardiac patients.

All our exercise options are fully supervised.

Helpful information

Particular heart problems

If you have diagnosed heart disease or have had heart surgery, you will have been exercising with the NHS as part of your rehabilitation. We will pick up when their service ends and operate our classes in a similar way.

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