Saturday, 3rd December 2022

Christmas is coming

Dear Reader

This week I am giving you a break from my relentless pro-exercise propaganda. Here is a commercial to encourage you to give my book as a Christmas present to your loved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues etc – as a sure indication of the esteem in which you hold them. This is a present to improve their health, help them live longer and happier lives and point them to the best possible New Year resolutions!!

Here are a few of the reviews which the book has received:

“…may this book be a wake-up call for those who lead lives with too much sedentary time and too little physical-activity time.” Phil Spencer

“…. would recommend this book to those who have a professional or personal interest in all things related to exercise and physical activity. It is detailed, easy to read and the highly credible author obviously has many years of experience, excellence, and knowledge of the subject area behind them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it” Chris Tuckett

“This book provides not only the advice about exercising, what to do, how much and how often but backs it up with really convincing evidence as to really why it is good for you to the point that actually it’s quite hard to feel comfortable not actually doing some.”

“In this book he has brought that message [about exercise] very tangibly to life in a readable evidence based way that really, after reading it, it is impossible to resist the invitation to do some and reap the benefits.”

Dr Karen O’Reilly

To receive your copy(s) just email me at

Just for December, and to wish you a happy Christmas,  I have dropped the price to £10 to include P&P.

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