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Exercise and mental health

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You may get bored with me banging on about all the benefits of exercise – so to relieve the boredom I will be publishing occasional Blogs from other sources. Here is one from the US – supporting my message about the psychological benefits of regular exercise. It comes from Alex from USAHemp.

Why is Exercise important for mental well-being?

Exercise is important for everyone. It helps in controlling weight, stabilizes blood pressure, minimizes the risk of diabetes, and boosts energy. These are some of the benefits; however, there are countless other reasons to prove the importance of exercise for mental health. You may have heard the famous saying that a sound mind resides in a sound body. Exercise keeps us physically fit and healthy that impacts our mental health a lot. It eases the signs of anxiety and depression and increases memory. It does not need rigorous workouts as you may start with a brisk walk, join a fitness center, or play an outdoor game of your choice.

Following are some of the benefits that may help you understand the significance of exercise for mental well-being:

Heals anxiety and depression

Exercise is joyful. It boosts your mood which leads to reduced signs of anxiety and depression. The moment you start a physical activity, the endorphin levels of your body are activated. The spinal cord and brain generate a chemical that helps you feel good. You feel happy and cheerful.

Relieving from mental disorders like depression is easier even with moderate levels of exercise. However, if you are very active, you are soon going to defeat anxiety. It is recommended by doctors as a natural remedy. We all shall consider it before relying on medications.

Strengthens Brain

The moment you start physical activity and feel a boost in brainpower, you will realize the importance for mental health. It strengthens your brain in various ways. According to various studies carried on humans and mice, it is observed that cardiovascular exercises generate new brain cells.

The creation of new brain cells is known as neurogenesis, which enhances the performance of the brain. It guards cognitive fall and loss in memory. The hippocampus that deals with the learning and memory part of the mind also improves to a great extent.

Builds self-confidence

Achieving milestones in a workout helps build self-confidence. Following the walk routine and jogging regularly increases your endurance. The ability to do more exercise gives immense pleasure and a feeling of doing the unachievable. The enhanced physical capability increases your self-confidence and you start trying more games and tougher activities.

For example, if you start with a walking activity and build stamina within a month or two, you would like to plan a hiking tour without any fear or stress. The same happens to gyp goers who start with small weights and go on increasing them as they get the confidence.

Improved sleep

People finding difficulty in getting peaceful and better sleep at night must add exercise to their daily routine. Any kind of physical activity increases body temperature that soothes the mind and leads to improved sleep.

People who are suffering from stress and anxiety may experience that all the thoughts come to their minds by the time they go to bed. With exercises, their circadian rhythm gets into place and makes them feel tired. They are tired and alarmed about their weary situation, so they fall asleep soon. To retain a healthy lifestyle, one must take peaceful sleep.

Final words

Doing a physical activity or exercise is natural and we should not ignore it. Today, we are blessed with the latest technology that has been provided with exceptional ease and comfort. Thus, our physical activities are limited.


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